Homemade lip scrub ;lip scrub is essentially to keep your lips smooth and soft ,it is advisable to use especially in a country like Nigeria where authentic lipsticks are not really sold.
                        HOW TO MAKE
  1. Honey 1tsp
  2. Sugar  1tsp
  3. Shea butter 1tbsp
      Step 1 : put shea butter in an empty container
      Step 2 : add the sugar and the honey
      Step 3 : then steer with a clean spoon
                     HOW TO USE
     Wash your hands with clean water ,dip your finger in the lip scrub then rub on your lip continuously or you could get a clean cotton bud and use it instead of using your fingers .move the lips together to apply friction for 2 – 5 minutes
    After that wipe it off with a cotton wool or clean damp towel.
     Then apply a moisturizer eg Vaseline .
     This exercise can be done everyweek .