Wow!!! ,a glass transparent heel is trending in the fashion world although some of them the heels are made out of wood but my favorite are the ones made out of glass ,this glass heel is almost similar to the glass heel that was given to Cinderella by her fairy godmother ,not to put you lovely people in so much suspense I will have to reveal the name of the transparent glass heel and wooden heel.This transparent glass heels is known as the Yeezy heels.
            There is no doubt that the yeezy heels is gaining popularity in the fashion world presently, this beautifully created heels can be worn with any lovely outfit.
             Let me not bore u guys with stories but take a look for yourself and decide the type of yeezy heels that suits you and the occasion you are attending.
Kylie in yeezy season 2

The yeezy knitted season 4 heels
Kim in yeezy season 4 perspex thigh boots
The yeezy season3 heels
The suede yeezy season 2 heels
Khloe in yeezy season 2