Turban popularly existed in the Asian countries especially among the Indian men .A turban is a length of cloth wrapped in a specific way around the top of the head. Turban can be simple or ornate.
               Turbans can be decorated in  variety of ways . A turban can be wrapped directly around the bare head especially for those with full hair or it can be wrapped over a rigid cap ,so as to bring out the shape and beauty.
               There are various styles of wrapping turbans ,one common way one continuous swirl around the head to form a turban.
               After the information I gave initially ,which I know most people were not interested in, I have  come to the main reason for writing this Article, Turban in this present day has become more fashionable to women especially because it has saved them during their bad hair days or assisted in creating more beauty to their outfit .Turban comes in different material forms such as cotton ,silk , wool. Although there are ready-made turbans these days but I prefer to get a scarf and create my own design and wrap on my head so as not to have a fixed style, but the ready-made turbans are  highly recommended especially in a situation when you have no time to tie.
               The turbans has never really vanished, but it has been lying low .Recently this trend has mysteriously come out. Although not everyone finds turban enchanting, but you can trust a turban to look dazzling.
              Ms Ambrose said”Fashion is mute until we give it a voice” ,so why don’t we all help give fashion a voice.