The village hair style that was seen as “not pretty” now trends in the fashion world which is known as “Bantu knot”
     Bantu knot result in the style of “curly q”. I have noticed that they are springy on girls with short natural hair and loose curls on girls with longer natural hair
  • Part your hair into sections and spray a leave-in conditioner. Note that the sections should not be too damp
  • After parting into sections, twist the hair around in a circular. motion until it’s in a coil.Tuck the end of the hair into the coil and use a pin curl clip to hold them ,so it will not scatter when dry. 
  • You can sit under the hair dryer for a couple of hours ,or you can let your knot air dry for 24-48 hours.
  • when you loose them ,Apply a little hair oil either coconut oil,castor oil or Shea butter onto your finger tips  and gently rub on the Bantu and separate them gradually so the sectioned parts will not be visible.