Except you live in a dessert, you will not have heard of glow kits ,glow kits are essential for a good makeup face because it gives you that rare beauty.
            The most common error is applying or putting makeup products in the wrong places on your face ,Always remember that for the ultimate glowing skin there needs to be limits. Below are some ways to get a glowing face.
            * Embrace moisturising oils.
            * Apply a skin primer
            * Opt for a dewy foundation
            * Use an illuminator
            * Apply bronzer and blush together
         One of the most common glow kits is the Anastasia Beverly hills glow kits ABH. This glow kit will give you the kind of glow you want or dreamt of having .The glow kit is like a dream come through
Lola Maja is all gowing
Kristen glows all the way to her chest
This is what beauty youtuber Kristen uses on her face to chest area to look all shiny