If you people noticed the most hyped hairstyle this year is the crochet braids. The crochet braids comes in different types,it is advisable to know the one that will suit your face before transforming your hair.it is also strange how this hair style gained popularity in the females world. To me I think it is because it saves so much time ,that is it prevent one from sitting for long hours and it looks natural. Crochet braids could be applied by oneself or with the help of someone else.
          How to apply crochet braid
  Step 1: plait  your natural hair ,make it cornrows,you have variety of patterns you can choose depending on the type of hair you want and how you want it to look like .make sure you apply this cornrows to a clean and moisturised hair
Step 2: you lace the hair of your choice through the cornrows using a crochet braid pin (this action is similar to knitting)
Step 3: you put a knot to the fake hair to attach it to the cornrow, you can also add style by giving the crochet curly look by applying rollers

Kiitana applying her crochet braid
* The latch hook .you could purchase it online or local hair shop
* Marley braid hair ,about three bags or hair such as expression 
* Perhaps some flexi rods or curls formers to give the hair a style
* Leave-in conditioner to keep the fake hair silky ,smooth , healthy
* oil and scalp spray to keep your own natural hair very healthy