I was convinced  by my friend Salome (sally sally) to write this article about nails.
             As we know fixing nails as a lady is an added beauty and adornment to a lady’s body. As a lady we are not expected to have unkempt finger nails, so this article essentially will be telling us how to give ourselves a manicure, as a friend will say “Why go to the salon to get a manicure when we know how expensive they can be”. Generally, I will be telling you how to have perfect manicures at home.
1.GET YOUR EQUIPMENT READY:To give yourself a good manicure you have to have the appropriate equipments such as
        . Nail remover
        . Cotton balls
        . Cuticle trimmer
        . Nail file
        . Nail butter
        . Hand cream
        . Nail polish
        . Base coat
        . Top coat
    This equipments mentioned could be purchased in an online nail store or at any local market.
2 SET YOUR WORK PLACE:As we all know nail polish and remover could damage surfaces such as cloths ,plastic , furnitures, so i will advise you to put on a non-valued T-shirts sit at a table and make sure to protect the table with a paper.
3 Remove your nail polish :use nail polish removers and cotton balls to remove the nail polish.
4 Cut and file your nails: use nail clippers and trim your nails. Do not cut them too short,then file the nail to create a smooth and clean shape. Excessive force will weaken the nails and cause them to break.
5 Buff your nails:using a white block of a stick-type nail buffer ,or a pad-type nail buffer and a buffing powder buff the surface and smooth out ridges.
6 soak your nails: Get a bowl and fill it up with warm water and a few drops of soap.soak hands for a few minutes 2-5 minutes the water will help loosen the dirt and dead cells.
7 Apply your cuticle cream :dry your nails and apply cuticle cream using a cuticle pusher to gently push back the cuticle. Do not force them back and never cut your cuticle.
8 Apply hand cream: take a lotion or hand cream and massage it into your hands.
 Painting your nails
1 Apply the base coat:cover the nail with a clear base coat or hardner, servers as a primer for the polish and helps the nail last longer NB This is the part you can decide to add your fake nails.
  You can also decide to file your fake nails into different shapes such as oval shape and so on
2 Polish your nails: take a nail polish of your choice. Shake the nail polish for about 10 seconds ,shaking the bottle causes air bubbles and makes it harder for the polish to stick to your nails then begin painting . Nail painting can be very artistic as you may decide to add different designs.
       You can decide to paint your nails in different variations such as chrome nails , matte nails , candy floss nails,  marble nails ,we are aware there are other nail designs but this ones are mentioned because that is what is trending this season.
Chrome nails
chrome nails
matte nails
candy floss nails
marble nails
Chrome and marble nails

3 Let your nails dry . do not try to move your nails too much ,if not the polish will smudge wait 10-15 minutes for the polish to dry, After the first coat has dried apply a second coat if you like

4 Apply top coat. Finish the nail with a clear top coat for a hard , smooth, scratch absorbing chip and flake resistant protection let it dry completely then you can have fun rocking your nails.
                        DIY MATTE POLISH
    Earlier  i mentioned the matte nail polish ,some people will be wondering, how do i get to have my matte polish? ,but don’t be afraid , below i will give you steps on how to make your matte polish.
         Using Corn Starch To Make Matte Polish
   I know most of you will be amazed presently, because corn starch that every one knows is used for food ,but this corn starch can now be used as nail matte.
 STEP1: (refer to section A where i wrote about manicuring nails and follow the 
 STEP2: (refer to section B of step 1)
 STEP3: Get a wax paper put a few drops of nail polish
              * Obtain a toothpick and a box of corn starch
              * Take little amount of corn starch and mix it into the coloured nail 
              * Do this quickly ,so the nail polish will not dry
              * Make sure the polish is not too thick although it will be thicker than 
                 normal,so it will spread properly.
              * Then paint the nails .
              * Allow it to dry ,do not give it a top coat so it will not have a glossy look.
                                                    Enjoy your Matte nails.