History of gladiator sandals
      The original gladiator sandals of ancient Rome , according to Roman-colosseum.info ,were “predominantly leather”. The shoes were made from animal hide with the toughest leather used for the soles. Sandals for gladiator for whom the footwear was named , were constructed from the highest quality of leather so their feet wouldn’t get covered in blood-soaked sand of the battle arena floors. All other Romans wore cheaper versions of the shoe. Roman sandals were designed by prominent artist of the period and because they were precious, were often buried with the owner.

               Tips for choosing a pair of gladiator sandals
     The gladiator is back ,if you guys noticed it is one of the many footwear that has refused to die down ,surely it has disappeared countless of times but it always seems to find its way back to the world of fashion. I remember when  I used to be younger around 2010 and the gladiators  sandal was in season, that time I could kill to have one (lol).
      This footwear seems to posses both the weight of a winter boot and the look of a rock star. If you want to give this continuous re-emerging trend  a unique look but you do not have the slightest idea where to start ,do not be afraid for I will give you some tips.

1 Try getting a pair of gladiator that goes all the way to the knee or stops at the ankle: most cases anything that stops at the middle part of the leg could be a little bit uncomfortable, especially if you are short it could be absurd .so instead of going for a high ankle pair you could go for a short ankle that stops exactly at your ankle .the short ankle gladiator is an advantage because you can wear them with jeans.

2 Go for a neural color: I would advise you when shopping for a pair of gladiator ,to go for a neutral color such a black, white ,nude color, avoid too much colours on one pair,it will make you look for elegant

3 Avoid busy or excess desgins: when it comes to a high ankle gladiator it is a busy accessory on it own ,so when choosing one make sure the designs on it are simple, select a pair with a nice clean lines,avoid multi designs.

4 choose a gladiator with a zipper: as we know zippers makes us to access our clothing and shoes faster, in Case you are in a rush you just unzip wear and zip up. Although there are gladiators made with buckles,but we all know buckles takes time,so just go for a zipper type because it saves more time.

  Questions asked
*    Do boys wear gladiator sandals in this century? Answer: yes ,boys were gladiator sandals in this century, one of the unique feature of the gladiator sandals is that it could be worn by both male and female. It is a unisex foot wear.

*   Can it be worn with any clothing? Answer: Yes it can,but there are some clothes that just have this tremendous way of bringing out the beauty of the footwear. Clothes such as mini gowns, knee length skirts, mini shirt gowns, Denim trousers and so on although this does not stop you from exploring and being creative.

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