Most of my male friends have been calling me a sexist because my previous articles have  focused mainly on female but this month I have a little gift for my male friends and other men out there. This gift is a write up about dungarees for men. Lol I know most of you would have expected something bigger.

    Dungaree was typically associated with working clothes ,in fact it is still associated with working clothes because it is mostly worn by mechanics. The dungaree is produced from denim material . It is also known as an “Overall”. In the 20th century it was a type of a U.S Navy uniform.
     But recently dungarees has  become more fashionable as people do not just see it as work cloth but have made it more stylistic. Today this dungaree can now be worn to an event or other places .
                HOW TO STYLE A DUNGAREE
1. A gladiator sandal: dungaree can be worn with an ankle gladiator
2. Vintage shirt:the dungaree can be styled with a vintage shirt.
3. Long sleeve T-shirt: dungaree can be worn with a long sleeve T-shirt ,
     Bucket hat and an all-star footwear
4. Short sleeve T-shirt: the dungaree can also be worn with a short
     Sleeve T-shirt.
5. Biker Jacket: you can all rock your dungaree with a biker jacket.
            As i always say do not limit yourself to the styles in this write up ,feel free to try other things(styles)  you can also go as far as creating your own look.