Kimono is a long jacket it is either made of cotton material ,chiffon ,silk or wool material. This jacket could either stop at your ankle, your lap side, your knee side or your hip side. Kimono to me it is an added beauty to a dress or an outfit , it tends to make one look like a reborn slayer.This article will give you an insight on how to style a kimono.


    1. High Waist Skirt;The kimono jacket can never go wrong when paired with an high waist skirt and tucked with a lovely top,the top could either be made out of cotton or silk material. This style looks churchy and also offical ,that is an amazing feature of a high waist skirt.


         2. Bum short and crop top; style your kimono with a bum short and a pretty crop top.This style is approipate for a party and the beach.
        3. Flar or Ruffled Pant;It is funny how this ruffled pants stylishly makes a come back in the world of fashion . I could remember when the flar pants was looking old schoolish in my sight, but it seems the oldie always seems to find its way out of the shadows and make the ladies slay hard when we rock it. This flar or ruffled pants could be worn with a turtle neck top. this style seems to be suitable for almost all occasions except the hard work area such as mechanical works LOL.
        4. Turban; The kimono and turban seems to match perfectly.Style your kimono with a turban ,a trouser, and a turtle neck top.this style is suitable for causal places (for more info about the turban refer to my previous article named Turban to the rescue) or click http;//
       5. Ankara Kimono and a Body fit gown;WOW this two when paired together looks very beautiful,so go get your own ankara kimono and style it with a body fit gown.This style is accurate for  dinner or to a church event.
         6. Jeans Trouser; style your kimono with a jeans trouser and a chiffon or cotton material top.This is suitable for just hanging out with the ladies or a movie night.
                   So ladies hurry now and get your kimono jackets and slay in them. If you find it difficult to style them you and use my blog to style it.
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