I know you all will be wondering what is the red sole?, Is it another type of shoe? Is it this?, is it that? No my dearies it is just one of the major feature I love about the Christian louboutin shoes.
– Cover the red soles with a red rubber sole,I know most of you will be like why on earth will I cover the shoe I spent so much money buying with a less attractive and less expensive sole?,but this my love is just to keep the red soles in good condition and for it to last longer .
   This replacement of soles can be done by a shoe maker,there are various shoe making companies in Nigeria but it will take some days to fix but you will surely love the end result . You could also decide to replace the heel caps and also protect the heel stand from peeling and scratching as this happens when we walk on sand or rough roads. 

– USE A SOFT DRY CLOTH: Louboutin shoes could be made of suede ,pony hair ,decorated studs or leather material the best way to care for these series of louboutin shoes is to clean them with a soft  dry cloth. If a suede shoe gets stained by mud ,allow the mud to dry then use a good mild soap with a soft wet cloth to wipe the stain away.
– TOE BOX: when you aren’t keeping your louboutin heels busy it is advisable to stuff or fill up the toe box with shoestuffers that came with it or you could form yours by using thick paper or cut out old clothes roll together and stuff it in the toe box .This is usually done to maintain the shape of a shoe so it will not develop an absurd look
– DUST BAGS: finally put your lovely pair of louboutins into a dust bag and keep them away from light.
   If these steps are carried out religiously your louboutin will last longer and remain in good shape