Most times guys ask ladies questions like, must you carry a bag can’t you just hold a few stuffs or put it in your pocket?, I believe outing stuffs in your pocket isn’t lady like but have your handbag and putting your stuffs in it .in a ladies bag certain things must contain it such as:
Cash and credit cards: we all know money is a basic need,we need money to pay for stuffs and buy things. You could even get to see a beautiful outfit you love and to get it you will need money to do so.
we all know credit cards are needed in a case of emergency like when we run out of cash, we could easily go to the nearest ATM stand or simply use a POS to pay.Thank God for technology.

 Hand sanitiser; we all know there is germs everywhere ,especially a place like Nigeria that is always Dusty ,so we would need a sanitiser to keep our hands clean.
 Sun glasses:Nigeria’s sun can be really scorching to the extent it causes pain in the eye. The Sun glass can be used to protect the eye area.
Hand cream:To keep the hand moisturised.

 A pen; A learned person is never complete without a pen. A pen can be used to write down things or sign an important document.

A Notepad; To note down important incident ,date etc.

Tissue paper; As a lady it is very important to have a tissue paper in your bag ,for instance after using the ‘ladies’ it can be used to wipe your self clean, also when you go for events and you find the chair dirty you can use the tissue to clean it.

Face towel; To clean a sweaty face.
Lip gloss; To keep the lips moisturised.

Ear piece; It is literary a life saver, it saves ladies from unwelcome disturbances,but i don’t advise you use it while walking on the road.

Purse; To keep your bag arranged like you can keep small thing like money,pen ,credit cards etc in your purse.

         Henceforth, ladies make sure all this things are complete in your bag before heading out.