Dear Readers,
                       Hope your week is going well?. Is it just me or it is every one that feels that sunglasses gives a person a sort of ‘Badooish’ look (bad fresh girl or boy look)?.
                      sunglasses as the name goes is majorly to protect the eyes from the ray of sunlight, We all known that Nigeria is a place for a must have of sun glass as there  is this annoying scorching sun,  so i advise all Nigerians to go grab your sunglasses as long as you will be affected by the sunlight.
            sunglasses is a notable fashion accessory,luckily it doesn’t require any pattern or procedure to be able to rock,i.e it is not stated that this kind of dress should be worn with this kind of sunglasses. Isn’t this really amazing? IKR(I know right) it is unique like that.we all know sunglasses vary from season and goes out of fashion easily like there are different  new designs  finding its way on peoples faces.

                               HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR SUNGLASSES

  •      Put them in a eye glass case or eye glass bag
  •     Avoid dust getting on them
  •    When there is a situation of dust use a soft cloth to clean it gently 

            Do not give a person your sunglasses to wear because the person might expand it and it will no longer suit you.
           Do not wear a sun glass when you are indoors…it is so not cool.
           Do not make your sunglasses a head wear.

         we all know there is always a cheap article and an expensive article of stuffs. sunglasses can be really expensive those are the ones we call ‘designers’ it cant be found just anywhere Ps if you can;t afford the outrageous prices you can opt for a cheap one,those ones are usually hawked by men on the road or in the market place.

   when shopping for sunglasses you should have certain things in mind such as;

  1. Know what suits your face
  2. Get what you are comfortable on 
  3. Know the latest trend you don’t want to be wearing a 90s sunglasses  
  4. Don’t buy it because you loved it on someone Else’s face 
  5. Check the mirror before you pay for it,so no one goes home regretting

  sun glasses are not to be worn at night it is so not cool…if you are guilty of this please stop.                                                                                                                    

                                             Thank you for stopping by. what are your thoughts on sunglasses as a must have, drop a comment.
                                                                                                 Yours sincerely,
                                                                                                  The estephany fashion blog.