Dear Readers,
                          Hope you all are good?, just wanted to check on you all. I finally got my denim skirt adjusted, who else is happy for me? well this article is not  to tell you about the adjustment of my denim skirt but to give you an insight about how i brought back my condemned earring back to life .
                        When the mallam (obi-oma) was done with the adjustment of my denim skirt i quickly ran to him and asked him for the pieces of material, then i never had the intention of recreating an earring, but you know what i say beauty and art can be everywhere you just have to look for it or create one yourself.
                        When i gathered the pieces (condemned denim cut outs) and brought it  back into my room my room mate was looking at me in this weird way like who the hell picks up a condemned pieces, but as am, i love to justify my actions and I immediately  told her to calm her nerves that something big is about to go down.
That is how this baby came about:


  • Pieces( condemned clothes)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread or superglue
  • Ear rings not in use or otherwise




  1.  Cut out a piece of clothe into long tiny bits
  2. Then begin the wrapping process into a circular way till you get to the end.
  3. Then you would have prepared your needle and thread.
  4. When you get to the end, you get out your needle and thread and sew it
  5. Denim ear ring is ready.

Let’s know how your making processes went, feel free join the community of discussion below. Drop your comments, I’d love to know how you did yours yours and would love to see great pictures to. 
                                                                                                                   Yours sincerely,
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