Natural hair can be very frustrating to take care of ,but the end the result is amazing .
      virgin hair can be very sensitive especially if you are transitioning from clinically hair to natural hair, if you want to transition from a chemically treated hair(relaxed or permed) instead of wait till all the whole hair is natural, simply cut off the chemical strands at the tip of the hair.
      Dear natural virgin hair lovers to get a long healthy hair  follow this amazing steps
Natural hair
  • Pre-poo with a penetrating oil; to pre-poo with a penetrating oil simply means to part you hair into four parts then massage the oil, the oil could be coconut oil into the scalp massage thoroughly till the oil evenly spreads  to all parts of the hair.
    Natural hair
  • Shampoo/Cowash; to shampoo the hair simply means to wash thoughly using a hair shampoo, then you can cowash.
  • Conditioner leave in and rinse out and massage scalp
  • Styling; after shampooing and using conditioner you can style your hair into any style of your choice such as twisting out
  • Detangle; after a day detangle the hair
  • Hot oil treatment; then carry out a hot oil treatment process using castor oil
    Natural hair
  • Eat fruits regularly, fruits such as oranges, apples and  so  really  help  in  hair  growth.
    Natural hair
  • Drink enough water
    Natural hair
         The most important thing to bear in mind to achieve this is to be committed.
       Dear Reader you can drop a comment by telling us how you also achieve your long natural hair or the products you use.