Happy new month my lovely readers, I am really excited about this current post because this is my first patch work. Honestly who wakes up in the morning and think of adding an extra style to a cloth? ME… I just woke up searched through my wardrobe for a skirt i really don’t cherish and also my remaining  tye and dye material. I set out my work place and i started recreating in time, but before i started patching up i had several ideas in mind so i asked my Mom which one she felt was the best.

         To get an excellent out come you need to get a comfortable place and also get all your materials close by,it will not be ideal if you always get up at intervals to search for one equipment or the other,or you always call your siblings name ‘Please can you help me get the scissors’, ‘Can you help me get the this or the that’ with time they will avoid the errands,by pretending to be asleep or leave the house to meet a friend. So that is why it is very important to have all your materials available on the working table.
                     MATERIALS NEEDED

  •  Skirt; make sure to get a less expensive plain black skirt either from a thrift, you can find a skirt for as low as #300 or search through your wardrobe for a skirt you don’t like, You can use an expensive skirt but please make sure you have perfected the patch work on the less expensive skirt.
  • Tye and dye material;

                  HOW TO PRODUCE A TYE AND DYE

  1. Wash fabric to remove any dirt that might prevent cloth from being properly dyed
  2. Prepare fixer water i.e sodium carbonate of warm water, wear a glove and avoid it getting into the eyes.
  3. Soak fabric for about 5-10 minutes
  4. Fold, twist or tie
  5. Prepare chemical water for dyes
  6. Mix dye colours
  7. Apply the dye
  8. After you dye do not untie it just leave it tied for 2-24 hours
  9. Wash loose dye from fabric
  10. Finally dry as you would to any other cloth.

check on google to get a detailed explanation on how to tye and dye

  • Scissors; a sharp one
  • Tape rule
  • Office pins
  • Needle and thread or A sewing machine
  • Electric Iron

                HOW TO MAKE 

  1.  Get your plain skirt ready
  2. Decide the design you prefer
  3. Measure the tye and dye material
  4. Cut out the part you will need
  5. Use office pin to pin the tye and dye material to the plain skirt
  6. Slowly thread your needle and sew them together
  7. when you are done Iron it out.
  8. Your patch work is ready.

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