Hello, Hope y’all are good, as for me the day was going great for me until i tried subscribing and noticed the fast one Glo network tried to play, initially to buy data worth #1000 will result to 3.2gb only for me to click the send button and noticed something was fishy, i observed closely and i noticed that the regular 3.2gb for #1000 has been reduced to 1.6gb for #1000. Isn’t that painful? *SOBS*, Please Glo do something about this since you call yourselves “The grand masters of data’. Well enough of the Glo heart break let us move to the real business of today which is the amazing way to style a mom’s jeans.

 We all know mom’s jeans AKA Boy friend jeans has been on every ones fashion list lately, almost everyone is in love with this beautiful style, we are also aware that this jeans made a come back  to the present fashion world.
 You can style your mom’s jeans jeans in numerous amazing ways but i will just be showing you a particular fab way to style this jeans. This style i am about to show you is a simple but yet classy style for a chicky look. Have you ever thought of styling your mom’s jeans on a polka dot crop top and a converse shoe? if NO, what are you waiting for why not try it for probably the next event or fun place you intend visiting
 Here my friend styled her mom’s jeans with the polka dot crop top and converse shoe to the GTB (Guaranty Trust Bank) food and drink event ,which took place from the 30th of April- 1st of May 2017,yes it was a two days event that was filled with eating and drinking the venue was at Plot 1 water corporation drive Oniru Victoria Island Lagos. It was really a fun day, there was free bottled water,music,most importantly free WIFI.
Mom’s jeans has been finding it way to several  events and fun places styled by people differently .My lovelies why not try this look for your next fun place to look chicky.
  • Mom’s jeans; served as a high waist trouser
  • Polka dot crop top
  • Converse shoe
  • Messenger’s bag
  • Jewellery.
   Do leave a comment on what you feel about this style…Comment in the comment section in form of “Disqus”.