I know Saturday’s are for wedding ceremonies in Nigeria but i don’t have any one to attend this Saturday, but my Instagram feed is making me attend one in spirit with Bella niaja wedding(lol), well i decided to entertain my self today by creating a quick DIY bag as my entire day can’t be filled with boredom, listening to Reaper by Sia this song just gives me the vibe and inspiration.
To make this easy DIY you need

  • Old calico bag
  • scissors
  • old cloth
  • needle and thead
  • pen  
  • Tape rule

                         LET US BEGIN

  1. Decide the shapes or designs in your mind,then get the old cloth out and draw on it the shape decided
  2. Then cut out the shapes with a scissors, you can tell from this picture that i am not good at drawing.
  3. Then sew each shape to the calico bag;i decide to give this old calico bag a new look because i felt it was too plain
  4. Then cut out a vertically lined piece of cloth and wrap the hands of the bag
  5. The bag is ready to use

            Have a lovely weekend lovelies,kindly drop your comments below in form of ‘Disqus’