There are so many makeup brushes but most people are only familiar with a little  and also not familiar with all the uses of the particular brushes. This post will let you know some makeup brushes and their uses as i will just be reviewing only 6 brushes and once you get familiar with the uses it will become worth it. So in this writeup i will only write about the most common makeup brushes and their uses.
                         FOUNDATION BRUSH

 The foundation brush is used in applying foundation all over the face, they help achieve a smooth finish when you apply foundation using a foundation bush on the face ,you can use the brush to spread and blend. The foundation brush is useful because it helps for an even application of foundation and gives a neat result at the end of the application on the face.
                               POWDER BRUSH
 The powder brush is one of the most used brushes worldwide,it is soft, round, and full. It allows you to easily pick up powder and distribute it evenly all over  the face. You can also use the powder to apply bronzer.
                            CONTOUR BRUSH
 This is a brush that can help you get the perfect face , it helps you get a good angle of your cheekbones,so it’s perfect for blending,highlighting and shading.
                          EYESHADOW BRUSH

 This is used for applying eye shadow on the eye lids, it helps blend the eye shadow to you taste,it also helps in creating lines on the eyelid crease

                      LIP BRUSH

  This helps to get a perfect line when you don’t have a lip liner at hand. The tip of the lip brush helps achieve the perfect line while the short bristles gives flawless over all coverage.

  This set of brushes in the picture above helps to achieve  a perfectly drawn brows. The mascara wand helps to brush the eye brow(hair) to the shape you intend drawing the brow while the spooling brush helps to give it  a more defined shape like removing the excess that is drawn with eye pencil.
 Brushes are brushes according to people but brushes differ in ways,we have ways to identify brushes.
  • When buying or getting brushes they must be soft
  • They must be fluffy
  • They must not fall off from their sticks
  • When used on the face,it should be smooth,gentle and soft
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