Hello dearies I have missed you all so much well today I decided to post and this article is a tutorial kind of post based on popular demand when I posted the last turban article I got a few suggestions and comments such as kindly teach us how you tie the turbans on a blog post, when I got those messages I pondered on how I was going to make that happen as we all know tutorial post work better with videos such as you tubes but unfortunately I am not a vlogger but a blogger , but because this blog is all for  my lovely readers, I did everything possible and I came up with the idea.
  Turban  is almost everywhere on everyone be it a man or woman, but some people find it difficult to tie it properly although I was once like that you can CLICK HERE  to find out how I perfected my skills in the art of turban, so this post will be a step by step process on how to tye a simple turban style.
  • Scarf
  • Volumizer if you don’t have a hair do
  • Mirror
  • Egde control
  • Tail comb
Fold the scarf into two ,lay on the head then criss cross it as shown below
Then take one right part and create a sequence and cross it over to the opposite side make sure the sequence comes out good as we all know the sequence is the beauty of the turban
After it is crossed to the opposite side make sure to tuck it neatly into any opening you find
Similarly take the other part of the scarf just that this part now will be the left part and create a sequence with it then cross to the other part and look for a way to tuck it in.

After tying it do well to adjust it by pulling the scarf to the bag to show some hair also hide the scarf excess for instance if you used a pasmina those tiny twisted designs that comes with the scarf try hiding them
Apply the edge control at the front of the hair and use the tail comb to beautify it.


Hope this write up is helpful, comment below what you feel and also to gain clarity. The comment section is in form of disqus. Have a wonderful weekend dearies.