So that very day was my laundry day,took my laundry basket and detergent to the laundry room to do my weekly washing.then separated the whites from the coloured (normal).

   The turn of the denim trouser came to be washed ,unfortunately I forgot to change the control panel of the machine from strong to mild since the trouser was a light denim ,when I finished washing it ,I brought it out from the washing machine to spread, only for me to notice a tear on the trouser, it then dawned on me that the machine officially made the denim trouser “ripped” i was sad for over a week because the trouser was a new one which I had only worn once before the very laundry day.

  After a week I decided to accept my denim trouser for what it had become.
  In this post I styled my DIY washing machine ripped denim trouser with a white shirt and a black sandal. It is just a casual

Shirt- Dunness
Trouser- denim
  Ps this post is not meant to make you rip your denim trouser using a washing machine but you could try it, if you can take the possible out come

   Comment what you feel about the ripped denim trouser, the comment section is in form of “Disqus”