Most times in life people find it difficult to balance their work life and play life. It is amazing how people get carried away in their to-do list they fail to realize that they are only inches away from regaining the sought for work/life balance. There are several ways to ensure a balance between your work and play which are;

  1. Make your morning meaningful: your mornings re meaning which is why should dedicate time to oneself, emails and catching with news will come secondary.
  2. Take time to travel: travel alone with your family or friends for the best out of work experience and to really get in touch with life and to the world around you
  3. Develop a culture of sharing at the workplace; when your colleagues are supportive and ready to offer a helping hand the work load becomes less and the stress reduced
  4. Cultivate the habit of dropping by a fun place when you finish from work.

 Today’s blogpost is about being able to balance your work life and play life, Thank God is Friday which is obviously a Fun day so fellas why no have a playful evening get into your playful dress and visit those fun places after work. I know some people are so obsessed with work they do not have friends any more because they do not want to make out time to socialize with them while some are so carried away with socializing  that they neglect their work  and most times that is their only source of income. So today why not try working on yourself in other to balance your work and play life.

                 The outfit of today’s article is a two in one outfit that represent an official look and a playful look. I styled a mom’s jeans with a sleeveless and a jacket in this first look which makes me look official.

      The second look, I took off the jacket ,so as not to look official when I hang out with friends.

    What do you think about the outfits, kindly drop your comments, the comment section is in form of “Disqus”