Hello, my wonderful readers hope you all are good? Well today’s blog post is basically about improving our culture.
Do you know our culture is gradually fading away? With the way we are going if we continue like this our future generation may have no idea about our traditions which was passed to us by our fore fathers.

 These are basically the ways I feel we can help preserve our culture.

  • Organization of traditional festival and attending them
  •  People should be encouraged to put on native clothes and eat native food.
  • Nigerian native languages should be taught in elementary and secondary schools, even in tertiary institution.
  • All Nigerians must learn how to speak their native languages.


That is one reason why I decided to do another blog post  about the Ankara outfit, No one is saying because you want to preserve the culture that is why you can’t look gorgeous in a traditional outfit. You can learn to balance the ways of the Englishman  and also your cultural ways .
     As seen in this post the outfit is a mixture of an Englishman wear and Ankara trouser,although  I know it is also not our culture to wear trouser but we all know things change, so obviously the strict adherence to the “skirt” outfit has declined since the world has gone technological which is evident in this 21st century. So pick a slay and note that you can balance.

Ankara- Tailor work
Style of Ankara- Chosen by me
Top- Esmara
Shoe -Bamboo
Bag-casual bag