I was at the cinema yesterday, yes I said at the movies went to see a movie… I know y’all will be expecting me to say I saw an American or British movie which is what virtually most Nigerians spend their time at the cinema watching, it is not like I also don’t go there to see an american movie but suddenly I was in the mood and felt that  I should watch a movie produced by my country people, formerly I had this fear of paying for a Nigerian movie when I go to the cinema but I guess I overcame the fear when I watched  “The wedding party” last year and the movie was so( lit), so yesterday I decided to give it a trial, that was to watch a Nigerian movie again and I picked the movie “10 days in Sun city” this is a must watch now I currently feel like watching “Isoken” which is also a Nigerian movie, I really commend the Nollywood Industry.
        Happy edi al- fitr to my Muslim readers and friends all around the world. Today’s blog post is about Overcoming your fears.

 According to the dictionary Fear is  A strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat. It convinces us we can never accomplish our dreams, tells us to keep quiet. Fear has the ability to limit what we are willing to try.

There are 5 basic ways to Overcome fear which are:
1. Identify. What you are afraid of has to be known, being able to identify your fears is a very huge step.

2. Awareness. Before you can begin overcoming fear , you have to be aware that your fears are causing havoc in your life.

3. Take Action. I’m an action taker , and I know that fears are just fears. They are created by my imagination to make reality seem scarier than it is. When you take action and face your fears, they become weaker and you stronger.

4. Pray. If you are a religious person you may want to consider praying for guidance on how to start overcoming your specific fear.

5. Entertain yourself. Read books or watch the television in order to create a distraction for your fears.

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