The good book says be as gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent,to me the white colour represents the dove and the black represents the serpent,in my own view there is no harm in combining the two colours and looking gorgeous.

  We all know white and black is a very serious colour or should I say formal colour, that is why it is mostly worn by choirsters and most importantly law students.
 The thing we should note while styling a white and black outfit, when you don’t belong to any of these fields is to achieve a less serious look.

When styling a black and white outfit and you are neither a law student nor choirester one you avoid being plain that is causaually wearing a white starched ironed shirt over a black shirt or trouser.You should opt for a shirt with patterns or designs.

 When styling your white and black without making it look too formal.You could pair it up with heels, select colours that you know will give it a spontaneous look but at that I don’t mean extravagant colours.

  You could use jewellery such as earrings, pendant, if you are not a fan of earrings you could use pendant and trust me if your make-up is on fleek, then you are good to go, you could also carry a nice clutch or a cute hand bag .

This will help bring out the swag in a white and black outfit and not make it look too official.

  • Autograph shirt
  • Atmosphere Trouser
  • Black Bag I turned into purse
  • Nude shoe


  • London Times Gown
  • Clutch purse
  • Necklace
  • Nude

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