Dear readers what ever you want to do in life or what ever decision you want to make in life never settle for anything less than what you feel you deserve. In life there are circumstances where you will be under duress or will be almost forced to pick what you don’t deserve,dear friend pinch your self and say in your heart I consider myself a person of high value,  then I should set a high standard for what I should choose and who I should associate with.  In this write-up i will provide tips on how to convey an image as a person of high worth. Once you have placed a standard for yourself, you can expect only the best from yourself and the people around you. Which will aid in your  success.
          Steps to guide you so you won’t settle for less;

Step 1: Picture a mental image
 whereby you’ve achieved your aim (what you wanted)and adjusted to the new tidings, then you should ask yourself some questions :
How do you feel about this change
Try taking notes of your reaction to powerfully receiving this thing that you’ve always wanted ,could it be higher salary,that increase in your pay check ,the feeling of being in control and taking charge of your health,finances,so on. Writing down all this thoughts would help you in taking the right decisions and steps to what you desire
How will this attribute to the quality of my life?How will having this one life changing effect change my life? What’s the feeling that would come out from this experience once this change set in
Are you scared or afraid about how this new occurrence might change you and your life? Are you scared about the thoughts of people towards you?  Are there certain group of persons that you’ll no longer associate with once this new occurrence unfolds?
On your part do you want people to know or not know about this new occurrence?
Is there a need to hide this new occurrence or not?

Step 2: Create a battle line, for this to take place, what do you do? Quitting your job and getting a new one is it needed? Is there a need in asking for an increment in your pay raise? Do you need to associate with new kinds of persons? HOW about hanging out at New places to find a befitting partner that deals with the passion you also have? Is it important to create a diet plan? Try having a mental image about how you want this new occurrence to take form thereby working towards the right step.

Step 3: Action is the keyword here,to be honest we can surface,ask questions and design plans for this new occurrence but if we don’t put our actions into it, then this new occurrence can’t come into place and whatever our heart desires are also. Therefore plans we have made for ourselves should be written down in our calendar and putting them into action ,take that broad step and start a new beginning.

Take the time today to do something that involves beginning.


  • Red Top
  • Vintage wrap skit
  • Hand bag
  • Accessories 
  • Nude shoe 


      The colours on the vintage skirt looked dull, so I search through my wardrobe to get a very bright coloured shirt. This shirt was given to me by my mom, I really love how the red goes with the patterns and colours on the skirt, so I didn’t just stop there I decided to pull one hand of the red top down so it will have this kind of “off shoulder ” look.
   I then accessorized it with the Nude heels,Grey bag and Jewellery. 
                        OUTFIT TO
  1. It is a really Nice outfit for church
  2. A gorgeous outfit for a wedding party
  3. A fantastic outfit for a birthday party
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P.S. I am sorry about some pictures 
Have a lovely week and A Happy New month dearies.