Hello reader, I really don’t know why it has been raining in Lagos, Nigeria for the past  8 days consecutively, I used to like the rainy season because it was always cool when it rained and you won’t have a sweaty body but recently I have started despising the rainy season probably because it has been raining non- stop, this has been preventing me from doing what I have planned (in aspect of outdoor activities). Enough of this rainy season tale, let me go down to the business of the day on how I styled my denim skirt and pink wool top. Formerly I used to hate denim skirt but I have recently developed an affection for this skirt, probably because it is one of the things trending now in the fashion world or because of how people style it in amazing ways.    

When I saw a denim skirt on t2pitchy, like 4 months ago and I fell in love with the way she paired it and I decided to purchase mine, well I know 4 months ago has been a long time, why didn’t I put up an article then? That will probably be the question on your mind as you read this. I apologise for the little delay but finally the post is up for you dearie.
     HOW I STYLED THE DENIM                                                         SKIRT

   This denim skirt is an all button down denim skirt, which I paired with a lovely pinkwool top (I know I look childish with the bright coloured top on me), yes I paired it that way because I felt like feeling like a little princess again who used to love pink things but now as a grown chick I’ve  fallen in love with other colours. I then carried a black bag and crossed it over my shoulder and wore a black sandal, oh yeah before I forget I also accesorized this look with my DIY denim earring which I made.

Denim Skirt
Wool Top
Black Sandal
Denim Earring.

     I have three questions for you my dear reader:
1. What season is your favourite?
2. What colour did you used to like but has now changed?
3. What do you feel about the outfit?

   Kindly drop you reply in the comment section in form of “Disqus”