It is an established fact that Saturday’s are mainly for weddings in Nigeria, but this Saturday I have no wedding to attend so I am basically putting up a write up for my wonderful readers.
    Weddings in Nigeria, especially in Lagos Nigeria is a very exciting and memorable event as one gets to meet so many people and also see wonderful designs worn by people to the events. Most people often attend weddings for the part called “Item 7” which is the food part, at weddings most delicacies are often served, the type of weddings I love attending when it comes to the food aspect is the buffet service event.

   Another wonderful thing about wedding is the decorations at the event center, the decorations often makes me feel “I am in heaven”, as it is neatly aligned and colourful.
  Lastly is the part the bride gets to throw the flower for the bride’s maids or female friends to catch that moment is always exciting as it is believed that the person that catches it is the next to get married. I watched one video on instagram were a bride threw her flower for her female friends to catch but unfortunately it landed on the decoration, that was ridiculous yeah? Does it mean that none of her friends were destined to get married yet? (Rhetorical question).
   Today’s outfit is about how I styled my Ankara skirt on a white shirt and it made me look Like a wedding guest although not too much of an extravagant type of overdressed wedding guest, but I believe this outfit could pass for a wedding ceremony.
    Outfit details

  • Ankara pleated skirt
  • White shirt (papaya)
  • White heels
  • Black purse
  • White neck piece

I searched through my wardrobe for a skirt and I came across this Ankara skirt I felt it wouldn’t be my size any more as I have put on some weight, but I decided to try it, to my amazement it was still my size, I then grabbed a white shirt and transformed it to a one handed top, when I wore the both of them, it fitted properly. I then accessorized the outfit with the neck piece, heels and bag.
  I am now good and ready to attend my wedding.

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