Hi everyone
How are you all today, I just finished going through my playlist after I read a post saying “you could define a person from his or her play list”. Well I feel that saying doesn’t apply to me as I have not selected a particular music ninche (love, heart break, worship etc), if you go through my playlists it virtually comprises of all ninche, is that a bad thing or a good thing?
  One kind of music I really give thumps up is the Nigerian hip-hop music it really amazes me, how it is becoming more creative,even though the lyrics can be pointless the beat will always make you fall in love. I was once a hater of all this nigerian razz music such as small doctor’s musics but as time went on, I started feeling some of his jam especially that trending one; (Penalty).
    Speaking of trend, today’s blog post is about the current hair trend that is popular among girls in 2017.
It is now evident that most girls are now on low cut or plan on going on low cut but do not know how to go about it. In this recent blog post you could see that my hair was low in my pictures… lol, do not fall for that, that is majorly the secret I want to unveil to you. Be patient and read through below to find out what I did to my hair.

Yes I said STRAW Curls, y’all will be wondering if I am alright, well yes, the name of that hair style is called Straw Curls.
Why is it called Straw Curls?
It is called Straw Curls, because for one to achieve such long lasting curls on the hair you have to make use of straw (the straw must be cut in bits) kindly contact your hair stylist for more details.

How to care for it

  • When you are done with staying under the drier for over 2hours, your hair must have become very very firm that it will be difficult for it to disfigure.

  • When you are about to sleep make sure to wear a clean hair net, in other to maintain the structured curls.

  • If you are about to bath, put on a shower cap, make sure water doesn’t get to the hair as it might disfigure it and leave it messy.

  • When you are dressing up obviously you also have to dress you hair:
  1. Spray the spritz extra hold on the hair, it helps in designing and holding the hair.
  2. Use your palms to adjust any curls that is out of place.

You are ready to slay in your straw
curls: you may decide to apply dye on it.

What type of music ninche do you prefer?
What do you feel about this hair style?
Kindly drop your comments answering the above questions and what you feel about this post. Comment section is in form of disqus”.