Currently watching how the dogs are playing with each other,for animals to get along with one another so should it be easy for humans to get along with themselves .
Do you know friends play a vital role in our life’s?, without them our lives aren’t 100% one way or the other we learn from them either positively or negatively,that is why one is adviced to select their friends carefully.
 Friendship is a very unique form of relationship, because as we all know we get to choose who we want to call friends, unlike family relationship we are born to it, Also unlike marriage and romantic relationship that have formalities. Friends help in promoting our happiness.
 WILLIAM RAWLINS say there are about 3 expectations of a close friend which are:

  •  somebody to talk to
  • someone to depend on
  • someone to enjoy

 Friendship continues to confer benefits either mental benefits,physical benefits or spiritual benefits, but as life accelerates people’s priorities and responsibilities shift and friendships are being affected. One should know that the closer friends are the difficult they become, with friends, if you annoy them so much they drop you.
 BOB MARLEY “say everyone is going to hurt you, you just need to find the one worth suffering for”

  1. Call frequently: even if you don’t have anything to say to them, just call to hear his or her voice.
  2. Text: make it a duty to text them every day even if it is hi or hello it goes a long way.
  3. Talk: when you are finding it hard to make a decision call your friend and ask for an advice,his or her advice can go along way. 
  4. Important Dates:Never forget any important date in their life be it birthday or wedding anniversary. I know this will be difficult but just try to keep the dates(friends are always happy when friends do not forget such things.
  5. Catch up: go out, get together, visit one another, just get along.


  • They help you discover your self
  • Support you
  • Advice you
  • Put a smile on one’s face


Today’s outfit is centered on my pant trousers, with the aid of the pictures you can see how I styled my blue pant trouser.
I styled it with a chiffon top, I tucked the chiffon top into the pant trouser, here the top and trouser can be seen as friends supporting each other no one wants to let go of the other, if I untuck the top from the trouser, my outfit wouldn’t be complete in this case.

  • Pant trouser(thrifted)
  • Chiffon top
  • Black big hand bag
  • Fat shoe(channel)

    Happy New month lovelies
    Kindly drop a comment on what you feel about this outfit,the comment section is in form of “disqus”.