At exactly 12pm on a Friday I grabbed an old denim pair of trouser and thought of what to do with it,so an idea struck me that I should recreate it by giving it an extra style, I know at this point dear reader you would think I am absolutely jobless, but no I am not, this is probably one of the things I love doing.
So today’s blog post is about my DIY half fringe denim, it is an established fact that denim is everyone’s favourite outfit but always think of having a unique and not regular type of denim.


  • An old denim trouser
  • Needles or pin
  • Scissors
  • Confortable or suitable space

Step 1: Make sure to get all your materials ready such as scissors and pins.

Step 2 : cut out both end of the trouser

Step 3 : use the needle to pull out the frayed edge till you are satisfied, you can design it to your taste like I designed mine half way

Step 4 : your half fringed denim is ready

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