Dear reader at this point I will love you to imagine these pictures in a darker lighting, probably an (evening) kind of picture because that is when we probably go out for dinner date.
    Also I would love you to try as much as possible to imagine your self in a very exquisite restaurant, currently imagining my self in one where slow romantic songs are being played, this is a kind of atmosphere I like to find my self in a very serene environment where I get to eat and try several continental dishes.
     One restaurant I wish to go to one day is SubliMotion in Spain worth $2,173 Per Person
A restaurant located inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza. At over two grand per person, for just a few hours of dining, you know this is an experience only the very wealthy can afford. The restaurant is based in the art of molecular gastronomy. Not only that, but this sensory experience marries the meal with music, visual stimulation, art, and hi-tech headsets. These features summed my favourite things all.


  •  White dress (river Island)
  • White net shoes
  • Fur purple purse (Gifted by my Aunt)

  • Hoop earrings
  • Wrist watch


Put on your make first (make up while still in a casual dress, do not make up with your white dress on to prevent it from getting stained )

Make sure to wash your hands properly before putting the dress on

Thank goodness there is a zip at the back of the dress, at least it makes it easier to be worn

Avoid people touching the dress

Warning: Do not take a public transport, I advice you should save up for that, in the aspect of transportation.

Thank you for stopping by, kindly comment the kind of restaurant you wish to go to in the comment section in form of “disqus”.