Happy Wednesday, hope your day is going well?
      Who loves my shirt? yes white shirts are my favorite piece from my closet the cool cotton feel is amazing and i love the way it makes one look classy. Also white brings out the beauty in light-skinned people [ please i am not segregating just stating the obvious]. Also white colored shirt goes with any other color when you style an outfit. This lovely shirt was given to me by lovely mother, and the funny thing is that i used to hate corporate shirt but when i received this shirt from my mom a sudden love for shirts developed.
 The mom’s Jeans is such an amazing trend, i love the comfort and the free feel. I must  confess the mom’s Jeans is one of my best trend this 2017, as you can see it suits my white corporate shirt beautifully.
Guess what!!! this is my first ever hat, I am so excited. I love the color I chose as it is easy to pair with outfits and it also came in handy.

I picked a grey bag so as to match it with my grey hat, What do you think about this? The grey bag is a two way bag it can either be hung on the shoulder or held on the hand, but for this outfit I decided to hold it on my hand so as to look classy.

The shoe is a white shoe wrapped with a black net, the black net really makes the shoe look cute, I purchased this cutie from a friend [I will tag her to Instagram when i post the outfit] to keep updated when i post on Instagram FOLLOW ME 😊.
  • White shirt [NEXT]
  • Denim Trouser [THRIFTED]
  • Grey Hat
  • Grey Bag 
  • Skin Belt
  • Sunnies
  • Shoe

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