Hello Dear Readers,
                               I am back again hope you all are having a great time, currently listening to ‘Slippery’ by MIGOS to get highly spirited for this post. This blog post is majorly about my struggle just to get this outfit post up.
                               It is never easy getting the perfect shot but once gotten it is a treasure to keep
  • BROGUES; Beautifully adorned on my feet is  a pair of shoes called brogues, it was given to me by a friend and i was really excited because of the brown color cause it suites my jacket well. Thank God for good friends.

  • JEANS TROUSER; This jeans trouser is a mom’s jeans which is also called a boyfriend trouser, which is a very popular style  trend  this 2017, It’s signature is in the folds and it’s baggy nature.
  • BELT; I am  one of those siblings that go into their other siblings wardrobe and search for amazing accessories that can suit my style, YES! i must confess that this leather brown belt was taken after a long rampage of my brothers things.

  • CAMISOLE; A casual black camisole, The signature that made me purchase it, was the amazing feel and the ‘V’ neck design.
  •  LEATHER BAG; The bag was chosen particular for this outfit.
  • BROWN JACKET; This Jacket was a must steal when I noticed from afar in the famous Lagos Island market in Lagos, Nigeria, every detail about the Jacket attracted me to purchase it and  the funniest thing was that the price was reasonable.
I know you would have expected me to give you the exact details on how i got this post up, like frthe changing, getting  a lovely location for the photo shoot,  but nah i don’t want to bore you today.
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