African Print is one unique print which has the power of attracting people. “The le-look bags” are known for having such beauty that will sweep people off their feet.
I got to know about “the le-look bag” 2 months ago, when I attended the Lagos Fashion Show at Eko Hotel and Suites, where I met the managing director herself, Mrs Chinwe Ezenwa.
 She is such a vibrant woman who is in support of young people’s creativity. She told me “the le-look bags” has existed for more than 30 years…Yes, 30 years. I know you are as surprised as I am.
She showed me some amazing piece such as:


Bag packs

And so on.

 “The le-look bags” are very creative looking bags because some of its pieces are made out of both Cane and Ankara Materials. I love how she uses the Ankara to make them look creative, and the most exciting part is that The Ankara Materials are not common.

“The le-look bags” are sown properly, there is no sign that its going to be discarded any time soon.
You would want to own “A le-look bag” not just because of its creative look, but because it is also used presently at the United nations.

The bags are very affordable.
For more details about the prices, you can check their websiteCLICK HERE or send a direct message on instagram CLICK HERE.

Thank you for stopping by. Tell me what you think about “The le-look bags” in different designs.