Hello my lovely readers, Happy new month to y’all .
This is the month of November, the 11th month of the year and i know most of you still find it difficult in staying motivated when surrounded by negative people. One major advise i will give to you is to try dropping the negative people this year, do not allow them come with you into the new year. I have given 4 ideas on “HOW TO REMAIN FOCUSED WHEN YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY NEGATIVE PEOPLE”

GET A DIARY/BOOK: if you are a kind of person who is passionate and determined in being successful in what you put your mind to, you will need to write your goals in a book. If you are not sure or certain on how to begin,start with visualizating where you want to be 10years, 5years or even 1year from now.
When you write your goals and start achieving them little by little, it reminds you that you are progressing, that way you tend to celebrate small wins and big wins. Writing your goals help you remain focused, even in times of criticisms.

surrounding yourself with supportive people go a long way in promoting your goals, if your friends or family members do not support what you love, you should try and distance yourself from them it helps you remain focused.

MOTIVATOR: A times ask your negative people permission to counter their negative position or thoughts. For example, if you say you will have your personal house before the year comes to an end wager something like #100,000 on it.
If you succeed they will have to pay you #100,000, but if you fail then you will have to pay them the #100,000. This will surely keep you motivated and push you to meet your goals.

MEDIA SPOTLIGHT: Having your ideas being discussed or shared on newspapers and blogs is an added credit on your part,it shows you are doing something right and that is enough to quiet negative people


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Do you have any other idea on how to remain motivated even when surrounded by negative talkers?
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