Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time – Linden Tyler.

        Hello my lovely readers, hope you are having a lovely week. Today’s blogpost is about the DOVE review, i recently started using dove and i have developed much love for it, because of the way it makes me feel whenever I am done with bathing. 
Basically DOVE stands for; 
 D;-Delightful skin
 O;- Overall smoothness
 V;- Vibrant Skin
 E;- Elegant skin
 the company was founded in 1957, Dove proved to be ahead of its time in the cleaning department.
 Dove Body wash is one of the most popular Dove Body Washes, as it uses Nutrium Moisture technology to deliver nourishment to the skin, moisturizing just as well as Dove’s Beauty Bars. 



Cleansers dry out skin.’ Actually, a regular soap bar can dry out your skin. Try a Beauty Bar for  a more hydrating feel, like our PURELY PAMPERING SHEA BUTTER. Though it might look like a normal soap bar, Dove Beauty Bar is different. Made with ¼ moisturizing cream, it cleanses skin while also nourishing and helping to maintain its natural moisture

‘Too much washing damages skin.’ Some people believe that cleansing your skin too much strips it of oils, encouraging it to make more. This might be true if you use a drying, harsh product. Instead, stick to a gentle cleanser like dove.
‘Hot water is most effective.’ Wave goodbye to those hot, long steamy showers: hot water can actually be bad for your skin. It can strip skin’s natural moisturizing oils, leaving it dry and sensitive. So if you’ve been experiencing dry skin, stick to warm water in the shower and see if your skin starts feeling more hydrated…
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I make use of the invisible dry deodorant and it has been tested on hundred colours (it can’t discolor your cloth).
  • SHAKE IT; Make sure to shake it properly, give it a hard shake
  • RIGHT DISTANCE;for perfect outcome get the perfect and right distace
  • A SHORT SHARP SPRAY WILL DO; Take note of “short” please don’t go spraying the whole room.

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