Hello dear reader it is two days to Christmas yaayaaa!!! I know you are also excited.
  You are back from church, now it is time for preparing variety of delicacies from rice, chicken, fruit salad and so on. I suppose by now you have planned how you want to spend the christmas; either by inviting family and friends over for lunch or visiting amazing fun places whatever it is you still need to have a nice outfit on.
  Christmas is one festive period people are not sure how to dress because they want to be comfortable and look their very best.
So girl, what do you do now?
 Well here are three (3) things to consider while choosing an outfit for Christmas

  1. COMFORT: When choosing your Christmas outfit your number one go to plan is making sure the outfit will really be comfortable either you intend seeing a movie or visting fun places. You won’t want to be left out of the fun because you are checking your outfit at every little instance. Also pick very comfortable shoes that will make you walk properly.
  2. FREE OUTFIT: Make sure to choose free outfit as well we all know Christmas is a day of eating variety of foods  and you won’t  want your outfit to choke you which will result to making you feel restless and weak.
  3. COLOURS: The Christmas colours are red, white, gold and green, please do not go for dull colours, go with the flow of sparkles and happiness. My Christmas outfit colours I picked red and white.


  • RED TOP (selent)
  • White pants (marks and Spencer)
  • Sandal heels
  • Accessories (earrings and wrist watch)

LOCATION: Samantha’s Bistro & Grill

What do you think about my 3 ideas I suggest and my Christmas look?
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