Hello dear reader
  I welcome you to the year of 2018,  this is officially my first blog post this year yipeeeee!!!. Today’s blog post focuses on how to build your consistency. With an extra bonus on how to style a house coat .

These are the three ways  to build consistency ;

1. Have your Goals set:If you want to be consistent in what you do as a blogger either as a fashion blogger, tech blogger or any kind of blogger at all, it is mandatory you set goals, “what you intend to achieve before this month runs out” these goals will build your zeal, give you something to strive for and most importantly make you consistent.
An Example for setting goals: if you want to make #30,000 by the end of the month get a piggy bank and make it a duty to deposit #1000 every

day for 30days, you have to be consistent with depositing your #1000 because you have a goal of #30,000 to meet.

2. Set your boundaries: having limits will make it easier to be consistent because you have a specific limit in which to perform.
For Example : uploading pictures on Instagram; rather than posting anytime and so many pictures, set a limit, tell your self I will post 2 pictures each day or one picture each day, just try to discover which will work for you, at least having a specific number will make you more religious (consistent).

3.Accountability: This is a great feature for achieving in a business, to be consistent you must take note of times when you don’t perform well and times when you do; Get a diary/calendar to tick/mark out days you perform great and days you didn’t meet the standard ; for days you didnt do well, try as much as possible to be better.
NOTE TO SELF :- Do not go crazy when you don’t reach your supposed goal, no one is perfect, although St Paul says, there is room for perfection. Just keep working to 100% consistency.

Just like me, I plan to publish every Wednesday and Saturday, I really hope I will be consistent with this.


  • Polka dot house coat(secret profession)
  • Pants (marksandspencer)
  • Tassel belt (white)
  • Mules (Rose gold )
  • Sunnies (cat eyed)
Photographer: Tolu Owoeye; Instagram handle (@itolu_)
Location: Samantha’s Bistro and Grill
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