Hello dear reader, hope your day is going fine, today’s blogpost is about the few things added to my wardrobe and a few style tips.
The first newest addition is the tassle belt. The way this tassel belt will appear in my blogspot you will think it is the only belt I own, please bear with me because you will see it in subsequent blog post as it is the newest favourite addition to my closet.

My other newest addition is also this Fendi slides, would I be totally wrong for calling it mine? Lol…let me sell my self out a little, this beautiful Fendi slides isn’t mine but for my mom, but from the very day it got to our home I literally took it from her using the excuse of “mom you know I am your fashionista blah blah” and guess it worked, because she let me keep the footwear.


Styling this tassle belt isn’t totally easy because you have to focus in selecting outfit that won’t prevent the tassle belt from dazzling.
Grab a pant: Well when I mean pants I don’t mean the panties but the pant trouser, I love the pant trouser because it gives one a classy look. In styling this outfit I chose a grey pant trouser.

Buttoned shirt: I threw on a buttoned up shirt, which also had a mild colouring and tied the tassle belt around the waist instead of tucking the shirt into the pant trouser to look formal, I created a less formal look.

Slides: I know, I know,  I totally agree like who wears pants and shirt with a Fendi slippers but you remember I said I was creating a less formal look, so my Fendi slides was my go to foot wear.

Acessories: A pair of earring and a cat eyed sunglasses to give it a chic look.


PANTS:            (WALLIS)
SLIDES:           (FENDI)
BAG:                (DUNE)

Thank you for stopping by, what do you think about this less formal look? Kindly drop your comment in the comment section in form of “disqus”.