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   Today’s blog post is about natural hair care, it is basically an interview with YORUBACHIC on how she takes care and enjoys her natural hair.

It is a pleasure having me on your platform Stella ☺

1. How do you take care of your natural hair?
YORUBACHIC : I use the LCO method, Liquid, Conditioner, Oil/Butter.

2. Do you have a particular method of natural hair care or different methods?
YORUBACHIC : I just try keep it moisturized and do protective styles

3. How stressful is the natural hair?
YORUBACHIC : I don’t find it stressful I actually enjoy it. Because I style it myself most times my arms get tired but still I enjoy it.

4. What gave you the drive to be a natural hair gang?
 YORUBACHIC : I cut my hair because it was a mess.  My hair doesn’t like relaxers and I used to retouch like twice a month to tame it. Now my hair can get as wild as it wants without needing to be tamed. There’s a sense of freedom I get with being natural. I can walk confidently in the rain, play with my hair and my boyfriend absolutely loves it.

5.What is your most religious product for your natural hair?
YORUBACHIC:  Water. After water shea butter.

6.Do you style your hair in a particular way every time?
YORUBACHIC : No I always always experiment with styles. Even though low manipulation is key, I style my hair like 3 times a week. I just love the fact that I can change it up anytime I want to. Chunky twists, flat twists, afro, buns, etc.

7. How long have you been on natural hair?
YORUBACHIC : 3 years in May

8. Do you have any intention of leaving the natural hair gang soon?
YORUBACHIC : Never. If I ever get tired of it I’ll just big chop and start all over.

Thank you Oyindamola Abbatty of www.yorubachic.ng for your time you are really amazing.

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