Hello my wonderful reader,
I know I am doing an awful job in creating contents for you my notable reader, I sincerely apologize for this act.
Today’s blog post is relating to Valentine’s day, Who is excited?!!
Well, Stella isn’t too excited as that day is Ash Wednesday, and I am a Catholic who won’t miss the Ash Wednesday mass for a valentine outing.
I know, I know some of you would be asking their selves rhetorical questions like is this girl smart? How can she use Ash Wednesday as an excuse not to have fun on Valentine’s day, meanwhile it is the same Catholics that brought about the Valentine stuff? Blah blah blah!
    Moving on to today’s blog post, which is an outfit inspo for a ‘Valentine dinner treat’ and a bonus idea on what to give your boyfriend/ husband on that special day.

Today’s outfit is a black jumpsuit, I am sure most of you thought the colour of the outfit would have been red or white but honestly I find it cliche, not that I don’t support people who wear it but I feel those two colours earlier mentioned are not my colours for this year’s valentine.

First thing first, have a new hair do or if your current hair is still on fleek you can go forth and slay on with the hair.

  Then you ransack your wardrobe for that elegant dress that will bring out the “Princess” in you😉(you know what I mean)

Make sure to go for something comfortable and bear in mind that it is a dinner date and you will be eating lot of food, and you won’t want your burlgy tummy to ruin your elegant dress.

  You can now go ahead to choose your shoe, for me I opted for a green coloured shoe(please I beg you let the shoe be comfortable.
 Finally put on your make up and wear your accessories.



Bonus point: Do not use “Danfo”( at least try to be lady like and do yourself a favour by requesting a cab )

GIFTS: Ladies you should surprise your man this year and give him something he would always love.
For me my valentine gift idea for a man is a Suit.

Not to worry about where to get a suit at an affordable price you can get a 3 piece suit at #25,000 from DAN LAMI (it is a promo price so why not hurry now, it ends on February 14,2018).
To order send me a Dm on Instagram: @the_estephany.

Photographer: Tolu Owoye, Instagram handle (@itolu_)

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