Hello dear reader,

I hope your week is going fine? I should think with how admirably February is sprinting on, there is some cause for a smile.

Anyway, is it obvious that this outfit is not mine? 😁 Lol I got several questions from my close friends, some of which included, “Babe Who gave you this outfit; it is so beautiful?” Well I am pleased to inform you that this two-piece outfit is an inheritance from my mother! LOL… 😁😁 I know you might be saying to yourself, “Is it not too early for her to inherit stuff from her mom?” 😂

Should I say I was bored one day I decided to go to my mom’s wardrobe? At that moment I had no idea why I even went to her room in the first place, but I got lucky and saw this outfit. I was scared to tell her directly I took it, but I ended up telling her and she didn’t get offended but was happy I liked it… liked it? I love it (she was surprised because it is rare to see a 21st century teen loving such an unreavealing outfit).
Fastfoward to today’s blogpost

Who is a baddass?

  • A badass is uncompromising!

  • Her attitude/appearance is admired!

  • She makes the most of the moment….

  • She has a honest support system for both family and friends!

  • She not afraid to be alone!

  • She dreams big and makes a move to achieve that dream!

  • They don’t belittle themselves!

  • They don’t waste time wishing; rather work towards getting it.

  • They see themselves as investments and accordingly take pride in themselves from their work, ethics, reputation.

Which of these characteristics of a badass do you admire? Do you think you are a badass?

Mint green 2 piece
Black camisole (atmosphere )
Black mules (atmosphere)
Brown leather bag
Eye wear (aldo)

Photography by Tolu Owoeye
Instagram handle @itolu_

Oh, and what do you think about this outfit? Kindly drop your comments in the comment section in form of “disqus”.