Hello dear reader, hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s celebration and you are having a great day?

Currently excited about the Black Panther movie, one of these days I should visit the cinemas and calm my excitement.

I vivdly remember when this beret thingy started trending last year and I was in serious dilemma, could you guess what that was?…Lol whether I should follow suit and be among the fashionistas who can’t do without the beret. Or I should just be patient and wait till the vibe and inspiration falls on me and not force  it.

 What did they tell you about forcing it, I learnt in my younger days that “what isn’t yours can never be yours and what is yours will always be yours, so do not force your way be patient it will surely come it might take a while but I promise you it will come and you will be glad you waited patiently”.

Moving on… Today’s blog post is about this rusty look…I know this is not my regular thingy I wanted to move out of my Cinderella looks and create something different…P.S do not ask me how the inspiration came but I just know it came and your favorite girl was able to present you with this awesomeness.

I got a denim jacket  not the normal oversized ones, if you notice this denim comes with a fur design…please do not mock me in your mind saying stuffs like…she thinks she is in the white man’s land.
I then got a black pant trouser and a black camisole and most importantly a black beret
If  you read my blog regularly, you would notice I broke a rule which is “the way I styled my braided wig”Click here  to understand this gist.


  • Denim Jacket
  • Pants: marks and Spencer
  • Camisole: marks and Spencer
  • Shoes:
  • Eyewear:black cobain
  • Black beret
Photographer: Tolu Owoeye (@itolu_)

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