Hello dear reader! How are you doing?  I know I have not posted anything in a while, but I assure you it is by no fault of mine; the rigours of school work can be quite trying. I certainly hope you have missed my posts as much as I have missed your reading. 😁
      Question of the day: Why does a significant portion of humanity find it difficult to support their friends’ various occupations, especially those who work hard and have potential to become exceedingly great at what they do?
My mom has always been my support system. She taught me to never give up and to keep pursuing my passions no matter what. She has been known to, of a sudden, pick up her phone and call just to ask how I am coping with the demands of the blogosphere.

One bright acquaintance theorized that the matter required deep thought, but what she could come up with at press time was that people are such fabulous businessmen that they would offer their unmitigated support in the event that one’s name has become household stuff and every lip in town is uttering one’s name with some reverence.

What are you currently grateful for as a brand owner? As for Stella (me), she is grateful;
1) To God, the author and finisher of every move I make towards fashion blogging.
2 ) For having a wonderful mother who cares about my growth and also advises me on certain things such as; “don’t be in a haste to make money or become popular. It will come.”
3) For having a supportive brother like mine…he is my day one Gee.
4) For my ever encouraging friends. They always put me back on my feet when they notice I am backsliding as elegantly as Michael Jackson does the moonwalk.
5) For having a wonderful photographer, who is always dedicated to his work and never ceases to deliver
6) I am forever grateful for all my readers and commentators, whom I fondly remain loyal to. You guys are the best

Outfit detail:

Please note that this outfit was not in anyway my idea; it was styled by a stylist from her closet.
* off-shoulder gown (purple)
*black bag with a golden design
*mules (rose gold )
*half cobain glasses (transparent)
*hairstyle (yet to be reviewed)

Word of the day: strength and guidance is what I wish for all my support system.

Photographer: Tolu Owoeye (@itolu_)
Stylist: @cynthia_Bibian (instagram handle)

Location: Neo cafe

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