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Why is it that most times, you find women comparing their lives with other females, like they are not happy with themselves…What is that particular word again? It should be unhappiness…Yes they are not happy with the women they were, the women they are and the women they are becoming. I should say this is really not a lovely thing to do as a really beautiful person that is created in God’s image.
So today’s blog post I will be reminding you why you should love your self uncontrollably.

1. You are forever stuck with your self: this is the most funny amazing known fact…if you hate yourself you will forever hate yourself because you will always wake up with that body, that face, you will always wake up you…that is why you need to change that mindset now so as to grow old with loving yourself.

2. You are good enough: most people believe what they want to do, they won’t be good enough at it, or whoever they meet will never be good enough, it is time to change that mind set of yours because you are uniquely made, for that very reason you will be uniquely good enough.

3. Someone out there needs you: most times you might feel no one likes me, no one wants to have anything to do with me, but guess what someone out there needs you more than ever, you never know who looks up to you, you are greatly admired.
So my dear Reader why not choose to forever love your self today!.

Outfit details

Polka dot long top
Black trouser
Dark shades
Tassel belt
Brown bag
Shoe (clarks)

Photography: Tolu Owoeye (@itolu_)

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