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It is a well established saying that beauty comes with pain, but in this case there was something really odd about this pain, should I say it was painless pain or it was bitter sweet
The hairstyle I will be reviewing today is called “Koboko”.

The hair has this “twist like look” but the twisting is not the regular twisting; it is rather complicated. It looks like crochet braid, 80% of the people who admired the hair always started with ” this crochet is beautiful”
 I chose big twists although some people may choose to go for a smaller and longer twists

I made use of 11 Brazilian wools and chose the colour black, I wanted to go for a more simple look, because it was for school.

I was charged #7500 in total which included the purchase of the wool but you know your girl now as a typical “igbo girl” I bargained with the stylist and the price was reduced to #5000… (didn’t I try)😉

The koboko hair lasts long, it can last for 3month, it has a similar duration as dreadlocks as long as you wash, dry properly and oil every 4weeks, it will last you a long time.

If you know you can’t bear pain please do not make this koboko hair and please do not fail to caution the stylist when you feel any extra pain from normal while she makes the hair.

“Your hair is an expression of yourself”

What do you think about this hairstyle? Will you love to give it a try?
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