Hello notable readers, I am back!!!
There has always been a rule for fashionistas that says “never go broke buying cool outfit”. Well, I am “sad-pleased” to announce that I broke this rule.
Okay chill out let me explain what the terminology “sad-pleased” means ( it means when you are pleased that you are purchasing a particular outfit but later on you become sad because you  either just spent your last cash or you are on your way to being broke). While your girl was being sad about being broke, I comforted myself  with the notion that the “deconstructed” denim jacket was a great steal. But you know how life is; the cup would surely pass you by (I can not be broke forever).


If you know me well, you’d know I’m a lady of comfort. I opted for something simple,pretty and of course very comfortable. I styled it with cream pant trousers and a black bodysuit to unleash some part of my inner sexiness (ignore my big tummy 😉). Finally, I concluded the look by putting on a black mules for more detail and comfort.

  • Deconstructed denim
  • Cream pants(marks & spencer)
  • Black bodysuit(privy)
  • Mules(river island)
  • Dark sunnies

    What do you think about the deconstructed jacket?

    Kindly drop your comment  in the comment section in the form of disqus.