Hello notable readers, I am currently trying my best to get enough inspiration for this post, so if after reading this post you don’t like the outcome please do not hate my blog for this.
Welcome to the month of June, which is the mid-month of the year, and I am also pleased to announce that it is also my birth month (my birthday is in 8 days) I am currently having mixed feelings about this month, I can’t tell if it is as a result of it being my birth month or as a result of me not fulfilling my plans drafted at the  beginning of the year.
Stepping into the new year I had a lot of plans written out but I am sad that I haven’t done any of the things on my list. I don’t even know if I am working hard enough, I know some of you reading this will say I am not working hard enough or I am probably a frustrated Nigerian just ranting but I believe his promise of good and those promises will be fulfilled because he loves me way too much.
Well, enough of the story, Today’s outfit post,  I decided to take it back to the 90’s ,like the old school look. I styled a vintage jacket (I know you thought it was a shirt). I really do not know what spirit led me to purchase this jacket but whatever spirit it was I am thankful that this beauty has been added to my closet.


  • Vintage jacket
  • Denim trouser
  • Black leather belt
  • Sandal heels
  • Woven basket bag
  • Grey hat

Pictures were taken with Samsung s8 phone by my friend.

What do you think about this vintage outfit? Kindly drop your comment in the comment section in form of “disqus”