Hello dear reader,
Hope you are doing fine? Today in Lagos, Nigeria the atmosphere is really calm and cool,which is a rare experience. Today’s blogpost is about my tassel belt.
When I first saw the tassel, i felt it was a great fashion steal which will go along in complementing a casual outfit, it helps to bring out some unique features in an outfit because it is a fashionable belt.
When I found out the belt I decided to go for a white colour because white has this calm look but at the same time helps a great look.
The tassel belt can be worn with a shirt, a skirt, a denim trouser, a denim shirt, a silk short gown, it is just left for you to pick out the look that will suit your taste.

1. The tassel belt is a strong         quality belt.
2. It is a medium size of about   1cm wide.
3. It has the tassel design   dropping at the end of the tying.
4. The rope goes round the waist   3-4 times depending on your     body size.

The tassel comes in different colors
1. White
2. Gold
3. Green
4. Color mix of red and gold

*White tassel goes for #8500 (Nigerian currency)
*Other colors #10000 (Nigerian currency)

1. Click @the_estephany
2. Send a dm
3. State the colors and number of the tassel of belt you want
4. Then other information will be passed to you.

Only in Nigeria, I am currently working on how it will be made available to other countries.

 I styled my model in 2 different looks

Look 1 has the corporate look, but I made the look as simple as possible.

Look 2 has the street style incorporated on the model. As you can see it is a busy look.

 So, why not get you a tassel belt to look as chic and sassy as the model.
The CEO rocking the tassel belt below.

    The pictures were shot and edited by me with a Samsung S8 phone camera

Model @zimee_lee on Instagram

What do you think about the tassel belt? Kindly drop your comment in the comments section in disqus.